o positive blood group diet

According to D’Adamo, this is the oldest blood type, bark came from the other groups. This includes 33.5% of the population. The ancestors of this blood were hunters, and that had an influence on the behavior and diet of people with this blood type. It is a strong, self-sufficient leader. Transfusion of type 0 (I g.) Suitable for all levels. Type 0 is the only blood of his group.

Recommendations on the selection of products, see here – a o positive blood group diet for the first group of blood

The main recommendations for the first group of blood – the type 0 (I group) – “The Hunter”


A strong digestive system.

A strong immune system

Systems are designed for efficient metabolism and nutrient conservation


It is difficult to adapt to changes in diet and environmental conditions

Sometimes the immune system is too active and effective against the organism (allergies)

Risk Groups

1. Blood clotting problems (poor clotting)

2. Inflammatory processes – Arthritis

3. Increased acidity of the stomach – ulcer

4. Allergies

Dietary advice

High protein o positive blood group diet - meat eaters.

Good: meat (except pork), fish, seafood, vegetables and frkuty (except acidic), pineapple, bread – rye, is limited. quant.

Restrict: cereal, especially oatmeal, wheat and products thereof (including bread). Beans and buckwheat – you can.


Cabbage (except broccoli)

Wheat and all the articles of

Corn and all articles of

Pickles, ketchup.


Good: green tea, herbal tea from rose hips, ginger, mint, cayenne pepper, licorice, lime, seltzer water.

Neutral: beer, wine, red and white, chamomile tea, ginseng, sage, valerian, raspberry leaf.

Avoid coffee, spirits, aloe, St. John’s, senna, echinacea, strawberry leaf

Weight control program:

Exclude: fresh cabbage, beans, maize, wheat Citrus, Cream, Sugar, marinades, potato;

Helps: Marine algae (brown kelp), fish and seafood, iodized salt, meat, especially beef, lamb, liver, greens, lettuces, spinach, broccoli, radishes Vitamins and nutritional supplements vitamins, vitamin C. Calcium, Manganese, iodine. Licorice root (licorice), seaweed. Pancreatic enzymes.

Avoid: Vitamin A, Vitamin E.

Physical exercise

In order to maintain good physical shape, especially in a program of weight reduction – a very intense exercise such as aerobics, skiing, running, swimming
Special instructions / program of weight reduction /.

For the type of “0″ is the main problem – hypometabolism. The following factors that increase the rate of metabolism and thus reduce weight:

1. Remove from the lose weight diet of wheat and all articles of wood, corn, beans, lentils – they block the production of insulin and thereby slow down the metabolism.

2. Remove from the o positive blood group diet all kinds of cabbage (except broccoli), and all products made from oats – they inhibit the production of thyroid hormones (thyroid hormones) and thereby slow down the metabolism.

Increase the intake of foods containing iodine – seafood, seaweed, greens (lettuce, spinach, broccoli), iodized salt, as well as products that stimulate the production of thyroid hormones – radish, radish, daikon. Well prepare juice from them in half with a carrot.

3. Eating meat (red), liver. These products increase the metabolic rate.

4. Intense physical exercise.

II To solve the problem of blood clotting (if any) – foods that contain vitamin K: greens, salad, seaweed, meat, liver, cod liver oil, and eggs. Avoid yeast food, with a proper balance of intestinal bacteria – to take acidophilic and bifidobacteria.

III Take care when taking aspirin (it increases the acidity and thins the blood) and Ginkgo biloba (the effect of increasing the circulation of blood is due to its dilution).

Avoid Class IV antibiotics penicillin and sulfa drugs.

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